Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh you think you're so sneeeeaaaky.

I am NOT surprised very easily. It is just a fact. I have some weird knack for finding everything out, somehow. I wish it wasn't that way, but it just is.

Prime example #1: When I was 12 years old ALL I wanted for Christmas was a real dollhouse with electricity. Maybe it was a tall order, but it was all I wanted, and I knew "Santa" would come through. How did I know? Because I heard my mom talking about it on the phone to my aunt. I overheard bits and pieces of, "Megan's Doll house," and, "can we keep it in your basement." I put two and two together.
(Disclaimer A: Somehow my brothers and sisters found out I knew and, Christmas morning turned out to be one of the funniest to date. My fam decided to make me a fake doll house out of cardboard and hide it under a sheet, so when I ran down the stairs to see what St. Nick had left for me I didn't see the doll house of my dreams, but a makeshift cardboard creation with a miniature Christmas tree adorning the front porch. It wasn't until all the presents were opened that I actually got my real doll house. So, maybe I was a little surprised then...but only because I found out about the surprise in the first place...)

Prime example #2: Almost every B-day of mine. For some reason my friends and I have this thing where whenever we plan B-days, the Birthday girl isn't supposed to know what the plans are, and the other girls do whatever their hearts desire. Well for whatever reason I always overhear everything. (I'm not an eavesdropper I swear). I don't mean to! It just happens. I always 100% have loved the B-day outcome. I just have some sort of inkling as to what is going to happen. It's not a fun curse. I want to be surprised!!
(Disclaimer B: There was this one time at my 11th B-day party that my sister Nichole flew in and surprised me at my Tea Party B-day celebration at the Lion House. That was a genuine surprise...and a very good one I might add.)

So, now that we've got this understanding I'll give an account of my happenings last night. I currently live with two adorable little pranksters; Krissy & Whitney. Krissy loves to jump out and scare people more than anyone I know. Last night I was walking home from Roxie's, talking to Lola, and I could hear Krissy and Whit talking and laughing from upstairs. As I said bye to Lola, I see the light inside turn off and it goes dead quiet.
Now, some demographics to help further understanding of the situation. As you walk in our condo you come in the front door and can go down the stairs to the right, directly to my room, OR up the stairs to the left to the kitchen/family room/upstairs area. I have a habit of coming in the house and taking my stuff downstairs right away. K&W know this is my usual routine.
As I walked in the house, hearing it's dead silent I knew INSTANTLY that they were going to try and scare me. So, instead of going down to my room to set my stuff down I went up to the kitchen. I had some fruit I wanted to cut up for work the next day, and so I took my time. I was almost POSITIVE they were down in my room, so I decided to let them sweat it out down there. (bah hahahahaha...) I cut up my fruit, cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, and did whatever else I could think of. Finally, after about 30 mins I decided I really did need to go to bed, and I got all my stuff and went down to my room. I walked in and what did I find...
Yep. I indeed was correct. These two misfits had been crouched in my closet for the past half hour. They were laughing so hard as they toppled out they could barely even attempt to scare me. We seriously laughed for a good 10 mins. SOOOO funny.

Oh, btw. These are my new roommates. Krissy and Whitney. Aren't they adorable?


Dani Stolworthy said...

HAHAHAh oh my gosh. I loved that entire post!! I'm the same way, I usually always find out surprises, except I HATE surprises to it's a good thing. It puts my heart at ease after i find out :)
I didn't realize you were living with them! Such awesome people all in one place! I definately need to stop by...

Ali said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!!!! And I love that you just made them wait down there for 30 minutes. That is great!

The Smith Clan said...

Oh yes! The doll house! So funny! Way to make them sweat it out! Hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

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