Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just the two of us + 2....

SO....after four years of living with my besties things are a-changing. Due to the soon to be married Heather and Jenna, Benita and I were left looking for two new roomies. (And by looking I mean randomly assigned two new roommates by our management company.) We are of course happy to make new friends, but it will be an interesting next few weeks as we adjust our set in stone schedule we're used to to our new roommates...lets call them friends. I'm sure all of you married's are laughing to yourself at the triviality of this situation, BUT if you could take yourself back to your single days and feel for us for one small second I'd appreciate it. I'm going to try to be my nicest, and my most accommodating, and hopefully all goes well! Needless to say I already miss my jenni bobo and heathy!! Benita...I'm so glad I have you!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"100 Goals"

In high school I had a teacher that had us make a list of 100 goals we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime. I just came across it again, and I'm surprised at how many of the goals I actually have already accomplished. I was also surprised at how random some of them are. I'm going to post my list (feel free to not read it!) The ones with an * i've completed or am in the process of completing.

  1. Finish high school*
  2. Get good grades*
  3. Get into BYU*
  4. Get good grades in college*
  5. Get a degree in nutrition, business, or law* (I'm going to count my exercise science!)
  6. Find my own "maroni"
  7. get married in the temple to a returned missionary
  8. attend the temple regularly*
  9. change someone's life for the better
  10. have children
  11. be a good parent
  12. make a difference in my community
  13. get a good job that i enjoy*
  14. buy myself a car that i love*
  15. Save money for the future* (..yes and no ;)....)
  16. finish my scrapbook from highschool*
  17. continue to keep up on my scrapbook*
  18. go back to martha's vineyard
  19. go to newport beach california*
  20. Go to Europe
  21. Write in a journal frequently*
  22. do genealogy* (i took a class, but need to pick it back up!)
  23. Always remember to be someone's example and not their excuse
  24. go to africa
  25. learn another language
  26. stay in shape my whole life
  27. try a new food at least monthly if not weekly
  28. learn ASL
  29. Learn to sew*
  30. make a quilt* Thanks mom!!
  31. Clean out my closet*
  32. lose weight (i'm sure this will always be on the list!)
  33. continue dancing after highschool*
  34. make my bed every morning*
  35. go to japan
  36. learn to tap dance*
  37. teach a dance class*
  38. become a certified aerobics instructor*
  39. learn yoga*
  40. ride a roller coaster*
  41. bungee jump (pretty sure this one will NEVER happen. what was i thinking?)
  42. Climb Timpanogos
  43. Get the family to go to Lake Powel
  44. Teach a child to read
  45. sing in a choir*
  46. participate in a sports team* (BYU flag football champions REGULATORS!)
  47. understand football*
  48. attend the olympics in a foreign country
  49. pass an AP test*
  50. Get a good score on the ACT*
  51. Run in a marathon (i've only done a half thus far, not a full. Almost though!)
  52. participate in a triathlon
  53. learn how to play golf
  54. play an actual golf game
  55. learn how to play tennis
  56. learn to cook a variety of foods* still working on this one, but getting better
  57. get at least one 4.0 Sr year of high school*
  58. Drive to Arizona in the civic*
  59. Fly in a plane with travis as the pilot
  60. go through a haunted house*
  61. whiten my teeth*
  62. be on the news*
  63. go back to boston
  64. travel to south america
  65. go back to the bahamas
  66. learn to water ski
  67. learn to wake board*
  68. read the book of mormon in a month
  69. vote*
  70. become a city leader
  71. own my own business
  72. help others become aware of health and nutrition*
  73. go to the mall of america
  74. see les mis on broadway
  75. go to the top of the empire state building
  76. go on a mission
  77. learn more about history
  78. find Kadillas
  79. run up skyline drive without stopping at all
  80. learn karate (what?? random??)
  81. do well with my dance solo*
  82. eat meat*
  83. ride in a car with the top down on the freeway in a rain storm
  84. become a public speaker
  85. ride a bike around Yuba Lake
  86. memorize scripture mastery
  87. go parasailing in the bahamas
  88. go scuba diving
  89. swim with dolphins
  90. ride every ride at disneyland in one trip
  91. go to california adventures*
  92. invent something useful
  93. dye my hair dark
  94. meet the president
  95. become a lawyer
  96. learn how to garden
  97. spend 1,000 dollars shopping in one day
  98. own an ecalade
  99. eat a hamburger
  100. read my scriptures every day
Pretty funny! I need to make a new list now :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's Get Personal...

After blogging on my healthy blog for a few months, i've kind of grown addicted. For the most part I have kept from putting too much personal info for the reasoning that I wanted it to be strictly informational; A site where my favorite topics could be discussed. It has most definitely been that, and it will continue to be. (I'm having too much fun with it to stop!) BUT since many friends are moving away I've decided to have a personal blog as well, so we can keep each other posted on what is going on in our lives. Here goes...

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My Current Reading List...if only I could read one book at a time...

  • The Goose Girl
  • All But My life **Just finished this one. It is absolutely amazing. Definitely makes you appreciate your blessings!
  • The BOM; of course ;)
  • And Then There Were None
  • Les Miserables (been reading this one for a year...so good, but taking me forever)

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