Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Weekend of Weddings :)

This weekend one of my long-time friends, Lindsey Peterson got married! I'm so excited for her! She married a guy from California named Taylor McFarland, and they looked SO happy! Benita and I were able to meet up with Heather have some dinner, catch up, and go to the reception together. It was so much fun!

Lucky lil' Benits was the catcher of the Bouquet!

We got to wish the happy couple off with sparklers...Due to my insane obsession with fireworks, I was beyond thrilled about this!

Congrats Linds! I'm so excited for you!!

After the reception we met up with a bunch of our friends in Salt Lake and went to hear an 80's cover band called the Spazmatics, at Liquid Joe's. It was so hilarious and SO much fun!

I am such a lover of 80's music, and these guys were seriously SO good. We all just danced all over the place. I'm such a sucker for places like this because the crowds are always hilarious. I'm somewhat of a people watcher...ok, caught I LOVE people watching. I could do it as a job.

I wished I would have caught some of the crazies we witnessed on camera. There was a sweet bachelorette party going on, in which i'm pretty sure all the girls were entirely intoxicated. Sad, yes, but also...very entertaining. There was a group of middle aged, scantily clad, overweight, female groupies that WOULD NOT give up the front of the stage, as much as we tried to pry ourselves up there. And, let's not forget the group of girls dressed head to toe in 80's attire. That WILL be me next time. So classic. Good times had by all, that is for certain.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Daddy-o!

I was driving home yesterday, and so I didn't get a chance to give my dad a father's day shout out via-blog.
To my dad: one of the most hardworking, dedicated, loving people I know. When I think of my dad I think of barbecues, the smell of fresh cut grass, The Eagles, bear hugs, road trips, smiles, movie theater popcorn, corn nuts, bocce ball, card games, laughing, QT runs, good literature, sports, golfing, family time, dinner outings, continually learning, papa's eggs, father's blessings, route 66, and guacamole.
I feel so blessed to have such an amazing example to follow. My dad doesn't do anything half way. I swear he is good at everything he does. He has such a drive for success and a passion for life that is completely contagious. He is so strong in the gospel and he knows so much. I feel like I am always learning from him and I know that will always be the case. My dad is so great! I just love him! He is the best dad and such a great grandfather as well. I hope your fathers day was the best day EVER. I LOVE YOU DAD!!! xoxoxo

The Wells are Wed

So...on Friday afternoon Benita and I took of to Vegas to go to Cami and Tanner's wedding. It was so much fun! Our friend Jenna let us stay at her house while we were there which was so nice of her. The trip was complete with shopping, lounging by the pool, yummy eats, soft serve cones from McDonalds, and of course...the wedding.

Cami looked absolutely beautiful! Her dress was so fun, and all of her bridesmaids/groomsman were in bright summery colors. I loved every second of it. Oh, and Tanner was pretty cute too!

I got to see my good friend Zach who has been gone all summer doing an internship in Colorado. Cami was my roommate and Zach was tanner's roommate, so we all became pretty close which made the wedding even more fun.

We had to get the classic self-taken shot that I love so much.

So, here they are folks. The Wells family in their finest. Congrats Cami and Tanner! It was so fun to be a part of your big day! You two are adorable, and I love you both!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last year at this time I was @ Mi Ranchito with this fine lady...getting ready to hit up the Strawberry Days Rodeo. This weekend I'll be with this fine lady once more...BUT...
This chicka and I will be trekking...
to see these two (refer to aforementioned fine lady)
do this
which sounds a whole heck of a lot better than this
which is all I've seen for the past two weeks.

Seriously though...Can't wait for Cami and Tanner to get married on Saturday! They are two of my favorite people. LOVE THEM! Congrats you two!! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More AZ for me please. aaaathankyou....

I love this weekend. 

LOVE = (present-tense) 
It's only mid-sunday, which means the weekend is still upon us, and as soon as it's Monday I have to go back to Provo. Now, don't get me wrong. I love so many things about Provo. I really do, but there is just something about being here with my family that m
akes me the happiest person on earth. 
I'll give you a brief rundown. Cause, I know in your head you were like..."come on megs, give us the run down... GIVE IT TO ME!" I'm a people please. I give the people what they want.

THURSDAY: Brisk morning of work. Quick jaunt to the airport (thanks trav!) quick flight (slept the entire time...aaamAAzing.) Picked up by mom/linds/the chillins straight to shopping. We don't not waste any time. We do not pass go. We do not collect $200. Well if there were $200 to be collected I'm sure we'd make some time to fit that in someho
w. We aren't fools after all. After some shopping we made it to the Barney's new house where I received a quick tour complete with audio-headset, map, and snack breaks. JK. BUT their house is amazing. I love the way everything turned out. They have such an eye for detail, and I love their style. I am so glad they let me come stay with them :) (thanks Barneys!) so many shout outs in this post...you'd think it was some sort of acceptance speech. The evening went as follows; Linds and I accompanying my mom and Nich to a shower for one of their friends. It was more like...mom and Nichole talking to their friends while linds and I perused the food table. Yep, we're reallllll good at that. I can o
nly imagine what the shower-er's response to our being there was...who are these two girls, and when are they going to stop eating our food? (thanks shower-er!) After the shower I went to hang out with my friend AJ who is from AZ. He decided I needed to get into the social scene while I was here, and took me to meet a bunch of his friends. Good times had by all.

FRIDAY: Waking up to work out with Nich in the Barney fam's home gym. I was seriously IN HEAVEN. We watched "So You Think You Can Dance" whilst working out. Seriously? Does it get any better than that? NO, the answer is it doesn't. The day proc
eeded on with some laying out, a little Nordstrom Racking, some delish Yakisoba prepared by our own Dennis C. Barney, and was finished out with a mean game of Quiddler. And by one game I mean two, and by a mean game I mean I won both of them. Games with a dash of kettle corn intermixed with Linds and I throwing out Home Alone quotes like necklaces at Mardi Gras = phenomenal. Disclaimer: Linds and I grew up side by side. Bff's. We are of the same mind. and YES, we think we are really funny. Always. It's not our fault if you don't get it. You're all invited to watch Home Alone with us this Thanksgiving if you're feeling left out. 

SATURDAY: I know, I know. You're thinking to yourself. ANOTHER day? How could it possibly get much better. Well, it can, and it does. Saturday started out with another morning workout session. Next up, morning breakfast at the Smith
 Res. My mom is Martha Stewart. Alright, I said it. The secret is out. She is. With her side kick Bobby Flay (aka: Les Smith) it's like a hurricane in the kitchen. Breakfast consisted of; mini belgian waffles, fruit w/the famous fruit dip, hash browns, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and all sorts of juices and such. Not a joke of a meal. Not for one second. After breakfast we headed over to the neighbors for a dip in the pool. Disclaimer: this photo is not a joke. 
Apparently this guy comes out every Saturday...wow. It was crazy. If the photo struggles a bit it's because it's from my phone. This is actually the only picture I've taken all weekend...that's too bad, and very unlike me...hmmm. While we were here Rosemarie and Patti arrived from UT! We hung out for a bit poolside and decided to move on. SO, post slide we went to get us some pedicures. Loved that, let me tell you. I have no problem with being pampered. After the pedicures we went to see "Up" the new Disney/Pixar movie. Oh my gosh, if you haven't seen it drop everything and go RIGHT NOW. It's adorable. So cute. Seriously. I loved it. That chubby lil' boy scout just won me over. After the movie we came home to regroup and get ready to go to dinner at Brio when we had a slight change in plans. Patti was walking in the Barney's house and mis-stepped and fell. She ended up having to go to the emergency room and ended up with a broken humerous. I still feel SO awful! She was such a trooper and was somehow smiling through it all, which is SO Patti-like. She is so optimistic, it's amazing. While my dad was at the emergency room with Rosemarie and Patti, my mom nich and I went to Walmart to get groceries and managed to find our way back past Golden Spoon. I wasn't mad about it...So delish. I love getting to spend time with my mom and sisters even if it's just doing lame things like walking around Walmart talking. It's always a good time. 

SUNDAY: I love Sundays at home. Patti and Rosemarie took off back to Utah to get Patti taken care of super early this morning. We were so sad their trip was cut so short, and I REALLY hope Patti get's feeling better! The rest of us soldiered off to 9 AM church, and then back home to prep some delightful BBQ. We once again had a full schmorgas board of food, and AJ came to join the fam for dinner, followed up by some games. I'm sure he was all "Smith'd" out by the time he left. Now it's time for a Sunday nap...love that...

I'll be sad to go home tomorrow, but the good news? My mom/dad/the Barneys will be back up to Utah in July for more good times. I love this family....oooh so much. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

always eating. never not eating.

I feel like 1/2 the pictures I post are of us at restaurants eating...I guess it's just what I do best! We always have real good reasons though, don't worry. This pas week Lola came to stay with us for the week for some "business" stuff and to check out the situation for the fall. I can't wait for her to come back to P-town. We decided to go to dinner with our preggers lil' Amber who is about ready to pull little Lincoln out with her bare hands. She looks SO pregnantly cute! We went to our fave, Bajios, and it was deeeelightful.
Tori (Lauren's sis) Lauren, and Benits.
Amber, me, Ben, & Lola.
We all couldn't stop touching her cute pregnant lil' belly.
Friday night was Cami's bridal shower @ PF Changs. It was so fun to celebrate with her in her last few weeks of non-marriedness. Cami & I have been roommates for the past year and it has been SO much fun. I seriously just love that girl.

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