Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today was a very very good day. Sundays are a lot of work for me these days, but they are so fun and always very rewarding. We had ward conference this week, so the day started off with meetings with the Stake Relief Society Presidency, Ward Brunch, actual church, Fireside, and ward prayer.

All of our meetings today were really amazing, and it was one of those days where I felt like everything was exactly what I needed to hear. I love those days. It makes me feel like i'm being watched over.

Emily Freeman was the speaker at our fireside tonight, and she talked a lot about having joy in our journey. It made me realize that there is something that we can take positively from every situation we are in. It is possible to have joy in everything that we are doing, but it requires some effort on our part. It gave me new resolve to really try to apply optimism in every situation I am.

Roxy is a champ. I have to give her a shout out. I like to call her my RS-AP. She really is my "assistant to the president." She helps me 100% with everything I have to do for Relief Society, and she is always so willing to attend all the activities I have to go to. I don't think she realizes what a help she has been to me throughout all this craziness! Despite her support she is just a great example and a great friend. She even made me delicious curry for dinner tonight.

I remembered how much I love pictures last night. They are such incredible keepsakes. Benita and I looked through all our old pictures last night from as long as we have been besties, and we were laughing so hard we were crying. It was SO funny. We have had some hilarious, crazy, funny, good times, and i LOVE that they are all documented. Benits took this picture of my mom and I when I was home over Valentines Day weekend. I love it. My mom is the cutest little thing there is. Seriously. I just adore her.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday...

- I am glad it's Thursday. I love weekends. I am happy with the week and all...but I love weekends. (Minus the fact that my sis Linds is gone. She and I did weekends quite well together.)

- I feel so blessed with how great work has been going. I have picked up a ton of new clients, and they all seem to just fall into place in my schedule. I LOVE being at work, and the people that I work for. It is pretty humbling to see how the Lord is taking care of me.
- I found a DELISH new Healthy Cookie Recipe today, and made them. YUM. Posted HERE.
- I am in LOVE with the show Friday Night Lights. If you haven't seen it. I highly recommend it. For those who watch...I have Four words: Tim Riggins, Coach Taylor.
- I am about a month (or two) past ready for spring. I am ITCHING for sunshine, swimsuits, and windows down.
- I did my long run today & i'm tired. Very, very tired.
- I am going up to SLC tomorrow to see Nichole and Denny. Although the circumstances aren't the greatest (Denny was hurt snowboarding on Wed), I'm always so glad to see them!
- I wouldn't mind being in Disneyland right now.
- I think my ward is awesome. I am frequently reminded how many great people I am friends with. Definitely blessed.
- We had ward temple night tonight, and dinner at our bishop's house after and so I went over there with wet hair. It dried on it's own...a few of you know what this means. I like to call it my "Diana Ross," look. I had several people tell me I should embrace my curls...hahaha.
- How great are the Olympics? Seriously.
- I have a bunch of friends going 80's dancing right now, and they tried to get me to go...but I have to get up at 5 AM...dang it. I do love 80's music, and dancing. Rats.
- My arm became sore from playing the Wii too long. That is embarrassing. I work out a lot I promise.
- I should be asleep right now. I would just rather be sitting her computerizing with Roxies. When in the world are we going to be roommates again? That means you too Benits.
- Farr's frozen yogurt may have slipped into first place in my ratings book. Dang that stuff is good.
- I think I will get to go to spinning TWICE this week. Do you realize that is like Christmas for me? Janae's spin class makes me happy. Very happy.
- I hope my family is planning a trip for the summer. I feel like we are all so spread out all of the sudden. Let's fix that, even if it's just for a week.
- February is almost over. Bring on March. Bring it.
- Night :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love: Arizona Hate: Tires

I ALWAYS have my camera. Like, always. I went to Arizona last weekend, and guess what? I forgot my camera. Super lame...I had so much fun being home for a bit. Benita and I decided that we'd take advantage of the long weekend, and head to the warmer weather.

We left for AZ on Friday and I dropped her of in Sedona at her sister's house and continued on to Gilbert. It felt SO good to be home. I just love being around my family in any situation really. I got in to my parents house around 11:00 and watched the rest of the opening ceremonies with them, and then hit the sack.

Saturday we went to Bryson's basketball game, went shopping in Scottsdale, ate dinner at Gecko (one of my favorites), and came home and watched more of the Olympics and played Canasta.

Sunday we went to church, I got to sit outside in the 80 degree sunshine for a bit, went and picked Benita up, had a delicious family dinner with the Barney's, and then went over to the Barney's to watch, "This is it." If you haven't seen that...make it a point to do so. It's pretty incredible.

Monday we went for a run outside, amazing. Went to Sprouts Market, to pick up some of my favorite things, not sold in Utah. (Yes, I cart things home...I like my food.) Went to get pedicures. Ate lunch outside at Paradise Bakery, and then were on our way.

This is the point in the drive home when we were still happy, and making great time.

You see we had a bit of a mishap. Now, I'll need to back track in order to give full justice to the story. The week before we left I had my tires rotated. I'd like to think I'm responsible like that. When we were driving to AZ on Friday my tire pressure light came on, weird, and annoying. So we pulled over and checked it twice along the way. All seemed ok, so we continued on our way. We made it there all in tact. Come Sunday I go out to my car and the tire is completely flat. Awesome. So, Les made an appointment Monday to have it fixed before I left. I go, get it fixed...something about a slow i'm leaving I say, "Now i'm leaving right now to drive home to Utah. Do you promise I'm ok? Good to go?" To which Mr. Tireman says, "Yep, it's all fixed. Travel safe."

After about an hour of driving the tire pressure light comes on AGAIN. We check the tire. It doesn't seem flat. We continue on. About 1/2 way through the drive we decide to check it again, and it turns out the tire is almost completely flat again. Perfect. Well the rest of the drive goes as follows.
- repeated calls to Les and Elaine with updates, complaints, questions...etc
- pulling off the freeway at what I swear was every 30 mins to fill up the tire and check the PSI. (If any of you are concerned about your tire pressure, I know own a tire gage and know how to use it. Benita and I will fill up your tires like pros. We should probably be working for Nascar at this point.)
- Benita and I joke through pure fear of never making it home, that we are never going to make it home. I think we said a lot of prayers too.
- Benita and I become really good at approaching strangers for help
- Benita and I cheering as we pull in to Provo. I am going to have to say that was a first.

Wow. What a nightmare. I'm still so glad I was able to go home though. I do love it there!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ohhh this is good.

Flashback about 1 month ago. I get a text from Chelsey asking me if I had received my letter from my 9th grade self. I told her I hadn't, and she proceeded to tell me some of the highlights from what hers had said. Funny stuff. I figured mine was probably lost in the mail somewhere due to the fact that my parents had moved, and forgot about it. Well, last week Miss Hill, now Mrs Houghton, found me on FB asking for my address, and today I received this little gem in the mail.

Flashback January 6, 2000
*DISCLAIMER: I realize that what you're about to read is completely ridiculous, however, I found it so dang funny that I felt like I had to share. Don't you worry. I didn't change a WORD. So, don't you dare judge goes ;)

"Right now I am in 9th Grade at Oak Canyon Jr. High School, and I am the secretary on the student council. I take dance at the dance club, and I am on Superstars. I am also doing a trip with Christina Halls and Tiffany Christensen. Synda Schultz is our teacher. I have 3 brothers. Jason who is married to Tamra (no kids yet), Tyler who is married to Nancy (no kids yet), and Set who died in a car accident a few years ago. I also have two sisters. Nichole is married to Denny Barney (They have 2 kids, Kiley (4) and Blake (2). Then there is Lindsey. She isn't married (Yet!!) She goes to UVSC, and lives at home.
People in the world are just starting to get over the whole Y2k hype. It was really a lot of talk for nothing. There wasn't any problems. Bill Clinton is the pres. of the USA, and Gordon B. Hinkley is the president of the Church. Technology is getting better! DVD players are getting more popular, and computers are getting better and better everyday.
Right now in the music business the Backstreet Boys are the biggest pop group in the world. They are for sure my favorite group, alright alright...I have a small obsession over them, but what can I say I just love them. Two of my walls are covered in pictures of them and I could tell you every one of their, full names, ages, favorite colors, food, you know, all of the good stuff. I went to their concert 3 times in one month last October. Someday I will meet them!
I have lots of plans for my future. I have two plans for what I am going to do when I grow up. I am going to graduate from College, or high school with one year of hair school done. Then I want to move to california and do famous people's hair. Then you know, I could have the hook ups and marry a famous person. No really though, I love to do people's hair. I am already like the family hair stylist.
I would also either like to dance or sing professionally. I love to do both. I would really just like to be a part of MTV. I want to et married int he LDS temple to someone who loves kids and me. I want to marry someone athletic, and that will be able to provide for me, and my kids needs. I want to be a good mother, and i also want to keep in touch with my friends forever!
I have like a group of seven close friends right now. Chelsey Ashman, Liz Olson, Jessica Rogers, Jaclyn Dodson, Jade Silva, Cassie Montgomery. We have a lot of fun together. We have so many inside jokes with each other. I never stop laughing. Well I guess when you read this you will know what a dork I was in 9th grade, but hey, I love it! BSB forever!
Megan Smith"

There is is. In it's unadulterated form. Horrible sentence structure and all. I'm going to have to say my favorite line is "I would really just like to be a part of MTV." What can I say folks? I had had some big aspirations for myself. Not everyone dreams of being a hairstylist to the stars...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-dizzle!

Happy Valentines Day!!
My apologies if you don't watch LOST...and you don't find these funny. Just know that I love you and want you to have the best Valentines day EVER.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A to the Z

Benita and I do road trips like babies do formula.
We drove all day.
Made it to AZ.
I'm tired...but SO glad to be here.
Love me some 80 degree weather.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I would like to be here right now please.
or here.
or here.
or here.
or maybe even here.
any takers?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pray for Baby Bronson.

My mom called me tonight, and told me to read the story about baby Bronson.
I don't even know this baby.
But I read THIS story, mostly in tears, and couldn't believe how hard this must be for their family.
I am reminded once more that I am so grateful for this gospel, and for the Plan of Salvation.
I will be keeping baby Bronson in my prayers.
You should too.
I am sure they will take all of the prayers they can get.

Friday, February 5, 2010

as Justin Timberlake would say..."Bye, Bye, Bye"

It actually happened. They moved. I guess deep down I didn't really think it would happen, but the Fitches took off on Tuesday to the great state of Texas. I am going to miss them SO much! We have had some good times together...




Linds has taken care of me since M&D took off to Arizona. She is amazing. I'm going to miss our shopping/dinner dates, Sunday meals, trips to the gateway, craft sessions, watching her kiddies, playing games (Trav and I are great competitors!!) and just hanging out!


I am excited for their new adventure, and I know they are going to have a great time in their new place! I can't wait to visit!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roxypants had a B-day

This delightful little thing that I L-O-V-E turned 23 last week. She deserves an ode. Let's be honest she deserves more than an ode, but for now...
Roxers is one of the most genuinely caring people I know. She is always looking out for me, and for all of our friends. She is smart, beautiful, and extremely funny. We always joke that if people don't get our humor it's because they aren't funny, cause we sure are. ;)
Roxanne is extremely ambitious, and everything she does she does well. She is a great example of Christ-like love, and leads by example. She really lives what she believes.
She brightens my day, and I know I can always count on her for diet cokes, frozen yogurt, or some retail therapy. I miss her as my roomie, that is for sure! Love you Roxers!!
We celebrated at one of our favorites, Carrabbas. It was divine.
Cupcakes and ice cream to follow, with all our friends.
Birthdays are so fun because they are a great excuse to get everyone back together again. It has been especially fun to get to see Cami and Tanner. I just love them!
Happy B-day Roxypants!! LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH!
(AKA: Ox, Hoops, Dr. Quinn, choose.)

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