Friday, October 24, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser Too....right??

So this past Tuesday was my 24th b-day. 24?? are you serious? I Every time I say it out loud it doesn't sound right to me. I'm like 19 aren't I? Anyways, yes I'm 24 and happy to be here. It's been a great 24 years! Thanks to everyone who made my big day so fun! On Monday night Linds, Bosty and Savy took me to Pizza Factory, one of my favorite restaurants, for a pre-bday dinner celebration. It was so fun!! We followed the meal up with some shopping which is what we do best. I love when i get to hang out with Linds!

Seriously, could these kids be any cuter? I can't wait to see what baby #3 looks like!

I got home on monday night and my adorable friends insisted that we bring in my b-day with a bang, so we went and got some frozen yogurt (thanks Tanner), and Cami and Benita made me cupcakes. They were so cute! At 12:00 I blew out the candles!!

My B-day was such a great day! I slept in, went to the gym, and headed into work where I had a Bajio's salad waiting for me! Lindsay P came and visited me at work too which was so fun! I love when I get to see her :) After work I met some friends at Carrabbas for dinner...DELICIOUS, and it was off to our house for my b-day "dance party."

It was so fun to see lot's of good friends that I don't always get to see all the time. Thanks to everyone who came by to wish my a happy b-day and say hello!

Benita gave me the coolest ring it says "BAM" on it and it's pink and gold...amazing...The meaning behind it is a joke that probably only she and I find funny, but it was so thoughtful and cute. I LOVED it!!

Don't worry you just turn on the music and we'll start dancin'!

I had such a good night! One more year down.

I have the best friends and family!! Year 24 is going to be a good one!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This past weekend I got to get out of Provo for a few days for Jenna's Wedding. It was such a fun trip! Benita, Shaylene, and I flew out of Provo on Thursday Morning. Poor Beni was pretty tired and my in-flight entertainment turned out to be watching her poor little head bob. Jenna's mom Denise picked us up and we managed to find enough time to spare to get some shopping in before we met the rest of the girls that night.

We met Jenna, Jessica, and Heather at a restaurant in downtown Seattle called The Pink Door for dinner. Jenna is an expert of sorts when it comes to food, she loves her fine dining, so i expected nothing less than fancy for her bridal shower dinner. I was reminded, however, as to why I don't like such fancy places. Where most people would go to a restaurant of sorts and enjoy elaborate meats, fine cheeses, and special sea foods...unfortunately for me, I never seem to have the same experience. I find it interesting,because in reading my celeb-stalker magazines they claim to eat a lot of salads...Well, celeb's frequent the fancy-pants restaurants, no? You'd think the salad would be prime time, delicious, say the least. Every time I order a salad (because that is the only thing on the menu i'll eat...being as how I hate meat, cheese, and sea food...) I wonder if the restaurant's have ever heard of this thing we call a Salad. I had a repeat of this event on this particular evening. I got Cesar Salad. Can't go wrong right? Wrong. I was brought a plate with 4 uncut leaves of the very inside part of romaine lettuce. "The Butts" of the lettuce as Benita would call them. And a cup of dressing with about 5 croutons on top. Needless to day I was glad for the endless bread we received. Don't let my experience fool you though...everyone else really liked thier meals.

After dinner it was off to Kareoke. SO much fun. We seriously sang for like 2 hours straight I think. A very good call by Jenna!

On Friday morning we woke up, worked out, got ready, and it was time to meet the wedding party at Whole Foods for lunch. BUT before we left Trevor arrived!! Trevor and I have been friends for like 10 years at least. He became friends with Jenna when she and I became friends my freshman year of college, and she made him her "Bridesman." It was SO fun for him to be able to come all the way from New York.

After we ate lunch at Whole Foods (which was delicious btw), we went sailing on the harbor. It was SO beautiful. We were able to see the whole Seattle skyline, and it was sunny with blue skies. We kept calling it the "booze cruise." (We're Office fanatics.)

After the cruise we trekked around downtown Seattle. Some of my favorite stops included, Pike's Place Market and the AMAZING Nordstrom Rack that is like 4 or 5 stories. I love walking around and exploring new cities.

Saturday was the big day! We went and helped Jenna get ready in the morning, and she looked absolutely amazing. I have really never seen her look so happy. Her dress was beautiful, and she had everything planned out so perfectly. They were married in the Seattle temple, which is entirely surrounded by tall evergreen trees. It was really amazing.

After the temple we headed to Hotel 1000, where the rest of the evening went down. We took pictures with Jenna and all the bridesmaids in downtown Seattle with a bunch of vintage suitcases. SO cute. Everyone that passed by us wondered what in the world was going on. Jenna and Swavek had a beautiful ceremony where they exchanged rings, hordeurves were served, and there was an amazing dinner.

It was an amazing day and an amazing weekend. I'm SO happy for Jenna and Swavek!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks Lainey!!

So...this past weekend I went to Seattle for Jenna's wedding (she is one of my best friends from college.) I was a bridesmaid and she wanted us all to have different dresses. We had some basic guidelines to follow, black, short-sleeved, tea-length, but we were pretty much allowed to do whatever we wanted! I had a set idea in my head of what I wanted but wasn't finding it anywhere, and so I asked my mom if she'd help me make a dress. That way I could be specific on how i wanted it to look. My mom, the sweet person that she is, said of course she'd help me. SO the weekend before the wedding we went crazy. My mom literally had to create some of the pattern out of newspaper, which i thought was really impressive. I was so excited with how it turned out! Thanks so much for your help mom!

P.S. The wedding turned out perfect. It was so fun to be there.
P.P.S. more pics to come from the trip I promise!

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