Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is me right now...

I am on the plane waiting to take off right now...and I feel just like this. :) Bon Voyage.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Austin take 1

Day 1 in Austin. Such a good time. We did some shopping, ate some frozen yogurt, and eventually made our way to this hot spot for some delicious mexican food.
After Papasito's we headed to Congress bridge in downtown Austin to see the bats. It was crazy. I felt like we were in a halloweenized version of "The Birds." Apparently there are about 750,000 bats that reside all day underneath this bridge. At dusk they all wake up and come flying out from under the bridge. Pretty insane. Nich and I are waiting for the bats...also waiting for the humidity to stop making our hair massively curly.
I know. I have some mad frizz going on.
Nichole, Mom, Linds and I.
I was walking behind Savy and Mom as they were skipping and singing. Pretty darling, I must say.
This is a bat. 1 of 750,000. I don't care what Edward Cullen says or looks like...They are gross.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh the joys of traveling

I flew to Austin last night to come and visit my darling sis and her fam. My mom, Nichole, Bryson, and Bronson flew here from AZ as well. That's right folks, It's a party in the USA. The airport always makes me laugh. I am a total people watcher/observer of ridiculousness, and let's be honest, the airport is PRIME for such activity.

If I could give you a taste of what I experienced...
I get to the Salt Lake International Airport in perfect time to check in, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper, and hop on board my flight to Phoenix. Due to the strugglefest that is flying these days, I
carried on, and was extremely proud of my packing skills, might I add.

I learned this trip that I'm a smiler. I didn't realize it until I was smiling at people; the front desk lady, the security guard, the "go ahead and walk through the metal detector" guy, the gate checker, you get it. I was laughing at how my smiles have turned so apprehensive. Was that too much smile? Do they think I'm hiding something? You saw my bag was clean right? Have a good day...but not in a, "like it's your last day," way. Sad that the world has come to that, right?

My seat happens to be at the very back of the plane. I get to the back trying to figure out where I can fit my bag in the overhead bins. I hate that game. Try and shove your bag in without stopping and holding up the line, and don't make it look like a struggle or the flight attendant will make you check your bag. Bad idea.

I sit down next too a rough looking gentleman and a young girl who screamed "Zoobie." I also learned that I am not much of a plane talker. I don't have a problem with talking to strangers, and I genuinely actually like to get to know new people, however...I had been up yesterday since 5ish in the morning, and I was tired. I wanted to sleep, not shoot the breeze. Well, the guy next to me had to have been the chattiest guy i've seen in a long time. We (the surrounding plane passengers) quickly learned that the zoobie had just been proposed to on the way to the airport, precious. Single rough looking guy, didn't seem to mind. The two strangers chatted it up the entire flight. I tried to sleep, and when sleep wasn't coming I pretended to still be asleep to not have to be subject to stranger interrogation. These were among the questions that the zoobie encountered...

"So do you go tanning? Your skin can't be that color naturally. I mean, I'm darker...but..."
"Are you ticklish? What would happen if I tickled you right now?" (really? interesting)
"Have you been to Hawaii? You really need to go. It's where I live. (wink)"
"Can I have one of those Now and Laters? I haven't had one since high school."
"So do you like those boots you have on? Is that what is in style in UT?"
"Have you ever heard of a Halibut? I deal with fish. I make a lot of money. I have everything I could ever want." (Who hasn't heard of "a halibut" like it's some rare fish? And thanks for throwing in your financial status, about 5 times to be exact)
"Where is your connecting flight? Too bad you can't reroute that to Hawaii. That is where I live" (double wink.)
"Don't worry you can grab on to me if this turbulence scares you." (The first 30 mins of the ride was straight up turbulence.)

And on and on and on. It was bizarre. Do you see why I kept, "sleeping." Well, the pilot announces our decent in to Phoenix, and I start to hear the zoobie freaking out. Lots of heavy breathing/moaning, tears, "I'm really nauseous," breathing into the barf get the point. Well, Mr. Chats-a-lot starts to fan her off with the inflight safety guide, and then yep...she pukes. Awesome. I was leaning as far into the isle, "sleeping" as possible. It was gross.

I get off the plane and am walking to my next gate, and I see the zoobie walking on the moving walkway, and Chatty trying to keep up on the isle next to her. Wow. Humorous.

So, I board my next plane, which I'm pretty sure was handcrafted by Matell and purchased in the Barbie section at Toys R' Us. It was MINI! (don't let the all caps throw you off. we're talking small...) I felt like I should be wearing plastic heels and talking to Ken about our Barbie Corvette. Luckily, unlike the Barbie jumbo jet, my plane did actually fly. I made it safe in Austin, to be greeted by my fam and matching PJ's for all the girls from my mom for mothers day. Could she be any cuter?

So glad to be here. My hair is not glad...but I am. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 50 most influential people.

So, you know how Time Magazine put's out a 50 most influential people issue? I feel like I could do an issue of my own. There have been a countless number of individuals in my life that have had an incredible impact on how my life has turned out thus far. There have been so many friends, family members, teachers, leaders, and even strangers have been extremely influential to me; a lot of them probably more than they even realize. About a week ago I went to lunch with one of my bestest friends Emilie (was Wilson & now is Nuttall). It was so much fun.
Side note: You know you have good friends when you can go for a while without seeing them, and when you do get together it seems like you've never been apart.
We met up at the Pizza Factory, and she brought her two DARLING little girls; Claire and Lucy. Did I say they are darling? Cause they are... Em's mom Leilani and one of our friends Lisa Mckell ended up coming to meet us there as well, and it was such a good time. We went up to Em's mom's new house after and just hung out and chatted for a few hours. I loved every minute of it.
After I left it really made me think about how Em and I became friends and what an impact she had on my life.

It all began here...

Yep. Timpanogos High School Drill team. I was a brand new little sophomore and Em was a Jr. My family had moved into our new house in Cher Apple a few years before and Em and I were in the same ward, but it wasn't until drill that we became super close. We were pretty much inseparable. We're talking Sunday dinners, school night sleepovers, and family trips. The both of us were blonde haired things and people always said we looked alike (believe me, i wish!)

So, why do I bring this up? Well, after hanging out with Em last week I got to thinking about what an impact she had on my life and although she probably doesn't realize it, I attribute a lot of who I've turned out to be to her.

You hear a lot about "what high school is going to be like," as your going in as a sophomore. The fun new senior boys, going to dances, driving, etc. I distinctly remember someone telling me how high school was the best because you got an hour and a half for release time, a.k.a seminary, and you could just leave and go get food and nobody cared. Ummmm...amazing. I signed up for seminary as my last class period of the day so, duh, I could leave school early. Now, don't get me wrong, I was a good little girl. I haven't ever been much of a trouble maker, and I liked church and all that. My thoughts of not going to seminary had nothing to do with not wanting to be there, but more so to do with the fact that I could leave and go play if I wanted.

With that being said, back to Emilie. Summer drill team practice was intense. 6:00-9:00 AM M-F with some Saturday practices as well. So, Em and I, (and the rest of the team) became super close over the summer. I remember when it was time for school to start Emilie had me come with her to the seminary open house. She said she knew my teacher, and he was awesome and she wanted me to meet him. His name was Brother Bartholomew, and she was right. Em took me in to meet him, and it was amazing how sincere and genuine he was right from the beginning. I was intrigued by the relationship that he and Emilie had, and how Em talked so much of how she loved seminary. Remember, at this point I was still thinking seminary took place at Einstein's Bagels down the street.

Long story short. Brother B and I became very good friends as well. He taught me so many things that year. I feel like I really learned what it meant to live and love the gospel. Emilie's example and testimony was a huge part of that as well. My sophomore year was a great push in the right direction. I had so many good influences in my life. My group of friends were all really good kids that had so much fun without making dumb choices. I saw firsthand what the power of a good example was. It was such a great spring board to where I have been led today.

Emilie is amazing. She is one of the most kind, honest, genuine, beautiful, driven, charitable people I know. She really has a light around her, and you can see love in her eyes. I will be forever grateful to her for her friendship and example.
Love you Emmie!! xoxoxo

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Favorite things as of right this moment...

My new shoes
I know, I know. I have more running/workout shoes than most people have normal shoes, BUT I wear them everyday all day. I needed some new ones really bad. (Really bad in my terms...) Aren't they cute? :)

My Guitar

Not drying my hair

Super nerdy I know, and I (of course) always love it. BUT our stake challenged us to read the BOM from the end of January the April 10th (Today). I have 4 pages left until I'm finished, and it has been such a great experience. In our reading we were supposed to underline all of the references to the Savior. It has been such a testimony builder that The Book of Mormon, really is a testament of Jesus Christ, and how we need to remember Him in all things.

The sunshine...I think spring might actually come. Maybe.

Maverick fat free soft serve frozen yogurt

Crest Diet Cokes

Joshua Raidin's song; Paperweight...listen HERE. I can play it on the guitar :)

President Uchtdorf's talk from the priesthood session of conference; Continue in Patience
Read HERE or listen HERE

This YouTube video. I just love this song anyways, but this video rocks.

Sweet Potato Fries: Recipe HERE

Having my dad living 5 mins from me. (Can't wait until Mom is here too!)

This photo my sister posted on my FB wall
How can you just not want to eat that right up? 10 days until I'm in Austin!!!

THIS blog post.

Spinning. Always.

My awesome family, friends, and ward. I must admit, I am very blessed with LOTS of favorites.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Road trips are just delightfully delightful

Departure: Thursday April 1st, 2010; 4:30 PM. Off we went. Lola, Benita, me, Rox, and Court piled into Benita's car and we were off. After we stopped at Crest for diet cokes, of course. We had a great lil' car ride down. Lots of singing and laughing, as it should be. We made it to AZ around 2 AM and hit the sack.

Friday we were greeted with 80-ish degree weather. It felt so good! The day was composed of, lunch at Oregano's...(We were in HEAVEN. 32 oz diet cokes w/to-go cups? Yes, please.)...

Some Afternoon Shopping at San Tan Village...A trip to Swirl It for some frozen evening move...(Miley Cyrus makes crusty faces, and does not deserve to be put on the big screen)...a trip to Circle K for more Diet Coke...Homemade Guacamole...and some intense Gaming.
Let it be known; "Truth be told; when I think of Roxanne, I think of stretch pants."
Saturday proved to be JUST as beautiful. I got a morning run in outside, and it felt so amazing. We listened to conference, and sat by the pool at Tracey's house. Thanks Tracey! I think I could have died there, it felt so DANG good. The sun just makes me so happy.
Some afternoon bike rides were in order followed by the dying of easter eggs.
The boys went to priesthood, and then we met up at Brio for dinner. SO delicious!
Post Brio, we went to Nichole's and played outside for a while like 10-year-olds, it was awesome. We, of course, concluded the evening with more gaming, and then it was time for everyone to go to bed, so we could set up easter. :)
I was so excited for all of my friends to experience our family's Easter tradition of, "following the string." Basically your easter basket is hidden somewhere, and there is a kite string attached to it, unwound all over the house. To find your basket, you have to wind up your string. It is so much fun!
We had our traditional Danish Pancake breakfast/feast, and listened to some more conference, and then it was time to be on our way back to P-town. Until next time AZ. I sure do love you. Thanks so much mom and Nichole for taking care of us. It was SO much fun!! xoxoxo

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