Tuesday, July 20, 2010

now that's talent

If you haven't seen the Old Spice commercials on TV you need to stop what you're doing. Go to You Tube and search for Old Spice. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

Now why do I even bring this up? Because my dear friend Stephen Jones took it into his own hands to help BYU create their own commercial parody spoofing the Old Spice commercials, and it is pretty dang good if I do say so myself. It's worth your time. I promise.

It's pretty amazing actually. This video was posted 6 days ago and already has well over a million hits and was featured on CNBC. No big deal Stephen Jones, no big deal.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slip Sliding Away

I have lived in Utah for a large percentage of my life. I always find it amazing when people tell me about these fun things to do that I have never heard of. The natural water slide in Alpine being one of them. I just heard about this last week from one of my clients and mentioned it to my friends, so we decided to make a Saturday of it.

It was about a 20-25 minute hike up to the waterfalls. They were SO beautiful. We hiked up and around them, and of course went on the slide.

Kiley, and her friend Kacie, got done with EFY Saturday morning so we got to hang out all day Saturday. It was so much fun having my lil' kiki with me! (She's not so little anymore...probably about three inches taller than I am, and DANG that girl is beautiful!)

After we went down the rock slide we hiked over to a pond close by where some boys had built a bike ramp coming down from a huge hill. The bikes were strapped with life jackets so they would float and they'd ride the bikes down and jump off into the pond. My friends, of course, wanted to try it. It looked way too scary for me!

It was so much fun! I can't wait to take my fam there. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drivin' in

100 degree heat? NBD.
We decided to beat the heat by taking a group up to Salt Lake to the Drive In Movie, a guaranteed good time. Did we beat the heat? No...turns out we sweated to each other on love sacs and created a dire need for ice cold slurpees post movie, however...still a great time.

We were fully equipped with about 6 love sacs, tons of blankets, and an air mattress. We saw despicable me, which was fantastic. It was adorable in fact.

Although the air mattress seemed to be a good idea at first these folks, ended up watching the movie on the pavement due to deflation...oops, sorry guys.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend = complete success

I only have one complaint. I don't know where my camera is...
So, I only have two of my own photos documenting this whole weekend. Oh...and then one that I stole off of the old FB.
The weekend went something like this...

Friday: I worked all morning, with the pleasant thought that a three day weekend was ahead. Glorious. That put a little skip in my step. Even at 5:30 AM.
I made it home from work and went straight to the peaks with Ryan S., Mark, and Dean. A guaranteed good time. I wanted to get as much sun as possible this weekend...duh.
We floated the lazy river to our heart's content, and then I came back and went to the Freedom Festival Gala with Trevor, one of my favorite people in this world. We went with his whole family, who I love in it's entirety. The gala was good...a little lengthy...but, I guess that is what is expected at anything called a gala, no?

(Pretend there is a picture here of Trev and I all gussied up)
I came home and went to get my favorite frozen yogurt treat with Mark, Matt, and Benita, and then we sat on Ryan's porch until about 2 AM. This is becoming a habit, and I am not mad about it.
(Insert photo of all of us in our chairs on the porch laughing. a lot.)

I slept in until 10 making me miss spin, which I was very sad about. BUT, Benits and I still managed to make it to the gym. Post gym we ran to the store to get some stuff for the BBQ later and to get a flotation device for the river. *Note to self. Don't get flotation devices at Smiths. They aren't adequate. We did however, run into this lil' gem of a patriotic celabrator...

After we met up with our friends and floated down the Provo river.
(Insert Photo of the group FREEZING/laughing/panicking)
It was absolutely freezing. Still fun though. We came home and got ready and went to a BBQ with all of our friends, and a lot of our ward. It was SO nice outside, and it's always fun to get together and eat, right?
(Insert group photo @ BBQ...wow realizing all the photo ops missed...boooo...)
After the BBQ a bunch of us headed up to the temple hill to watch the stadium of fire fireworks.
guess what...here is the stolen FB photo...

This was followed by a few more hours of porch sitting. Glorious. I ended up falling asleep in a camping chair around 2 AM. I feel like that is talent.

Meetings meetings meetings. Church...all good stuff of course...
Come home from church, sit on a blanket outside. Take a little nap. BBQ at Sam's with a little bike ride and some bocce ball mixed in. All good things.
(Insert Photo of BBQ group #2)
Next, we piled Benita, Me, Lola, Ryan M., Dean, Mark, and Eric all in Lola's car and headed up to Park City for some more fireworks. All I can say is...WORTH IT. It was so awesome. We hiked a little up Park City Ski resort so we were able to get a good view and we all snuggled together to avoid the chill. The fireworks went off RIGHT above us. With the way the mountains are situated up there it made the echo's of the explosions even louder. It was awesome. I'll be back Park City, I'll be back.
(Insert Photo of the coolest firework show EVER.)
We made it back down to P-town around went to the local 7-11 on University to say hi to some friends. It was as crazy as was expected with all of the local hoodlums getting ready for the parade in the morning.
(Insert photo of Megan, Benita, George, JMan, Brian, Cade, and Brad)
After we met up with some friends to watch Sherlock Holmes...and by watch I mean totally fell asleep after like 10 mins. Surprised? I am not good at staying up late...

After sleeping in a little Benita, Lola, and I rode our bikes to University to meet up with my family for the Parade. A definite Smith Family tradition. As per usual we were sweaty, thirsty, and all up to quota on our high school band/city royalty sightings. I always love seeing my fam though, and it's fun to see how into the 4th Provo gets!
Guess what...Photo #2

Darling Savy. I could just eat her right up. Although the photo was taken with my phone, and is clearly blurry...I still love it. My mom made her adorable tank top, and she looked so cute in my glasses i couldn't resist. With a little photo shop touch it looks so vintage. Darling, she looks just like her mom.
Post parade Benita and I rode our bikes to Pizza Factory for lunch. Nothing better than riding bikes and the salad bar at PF. Pure happiness right there.
We got home just in time to meet up with all our friends at the peaks, and we spent the afternoon lounging in the sun.
(Insert photo of Benita, Megan, Ryan M., Mark, Dean, Court, Lowell, Tyler, George, Drama, and Scotty enjoying some poolside fun.)
I'm sad to see this weekend go...real sad. It was such a good time. Happy 4th of July everyone!
p.s. Can we have more three day weekends please?

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