Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothin' but the girls...ah ah ah ah....ah ah ah ah....

(Title explanation: It's a song by the Ting Ting's. And I love it.)

Last Friday I went to dinner with Benita, Lisa, Kate, and Jenna. Boy do I love those girls. We went to Zupas, which I also love, followed up by some Maverik frozen yogurt...all good things. It was SO much fun to just sit and talk. We were surrounded by tables full of boring people, who were glad we happened to be there to provide for them some entertainment. I only pass this judgement because they all stared at us and listened to our conversations the whole time. We found it quite funny...and a little bit creepy. We laughed the ENTIRE time. So much fun. I love this series of photos. I was trying to get them to smile for me for a picture right at the moment that Lisa and Kate discovered a little somethin' somethin' in Ben's teeth. We were all laughing pretty hard, and yet I still managed to snap some photos.

It's so much fun to keep in touch with the people you love. Thanks for the good time girlies!! xoxoxo


Karrissa Winward said...

How fun is that? You all look gorgeous!! If you ever come visit Jenna in Las Vegas, give me a call!!

Hayden said...

Megan, i'm kind of obsessed with your dark hair. do you like it? i seriously think it is gorgeous!! and i love girls nights out! mine probably happen way to much.. p.s. ting tings are awesome. They have lots of good songs! Have you downloaded shut up and let me go?

The Wrights said...

You girls are all so beautiful! Looks like a fun night!

The Smith Clan said...

How fun is this??? To see all of you beauties together! Way to go girlies, as Megan would say!

Lisa said...

actually, for posterity sake, this is how the conversation went.
Benita: is there anything in my teeth?
Kate and Lisa: No (in unison)
Lisa: Well, actually there is.

Jarek and Christina said...

hey! its christina from TDC....
remember superstars?
you look great!!! i hope all is well! just wanted to say hi!!

Kate Gildea said...

I would be lying if I said I was not totally obsessed with these pictures! Seriously, could we have had more fun? Answer: No.

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