Saturday, February 14, 2009

my LOVE day

L - Love. Obviously. I get a whole day to think about and celebrate my word of the year. I got to spend the day with my family, the people I love the most. For those of you who I did get to see today. I love you again! For those of you who I didn't get to see, I LOVE YOU!!

O - Overdone. As was previously mentioned today was a free day. My indulgences went as follows. 15 Peanut M&M's, 1 Chocolate covered cinnamon bear, 1 cinnamon roll, 1 slice of Nichole's banana bread, 1/2 of a sugar cookie, 4 nibs, 10 mike n' ikes, and a piece of a chocolate chip cookie at Paradise Bakery. How do I feel about all of this. GROSS. Yeah they were all good and everything, but I regret it all. I hate feeling like I've eaten crap all day, (which clearly I have). I'm more than excited to going back to no sugar, no candy, no treats. Indulgence day was good for me, a reminder of how I hate feeling.

V- Very Proud. Very proud of my adorable nephew Bryson that is. He was baptized this morning! I love this little guy. I'm not kidding, he has to be one of the sweetest kids I know. So full of smiles all the time. He has one of those super contagious smiles that goes from ear to ear. I just love him. We even have a secret handshake. I love being reminded about the baptismal coventants, and why I believe in the church.

E - Eeeeeeerrrrrk. That is the sound of a car slamming on it's breaks. Slowing down you know...why? Because I hate that the time home always goes by so fast. I don't want to go home already. I heard it's snowing there...and y'all know how i feel about the snow...


Benita said...

oh man if you think your treat count was high i am NEVER telling you mine again. i don't know how you have that much control honestly. very creative for the letter E...

Nichole said...

I love the post so cute! We love you and we were glad we were able to spend V-day with those we love!

Lisa said...

only you would actually count treats. and only you would eat just one chocolate cinnamon bear. if it was me, it would read: infinity chocolate cinnamon bears.

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