Friday, May 14, 2010

a small sample...if you will

Roxanne emailed this to me today. It made my day (times 1,000). It all started with a post on Roxies facebook wall the day after we spent a night playing night games with our friends in a bark filled playground. What happened to sand?

This is said post...

Megan Smith: night games

The following thread ensued...

Roxanne Hutchens:
I love night games. We should wear smarter shoes next time and maybe
the bark won't get the best of us. Marco?

Megan Smith:
POLO! not to be confused with Pollo...spanish for chicken. Let's be
clear I'm NOT calling you a chicken. Although I feel like chicken is
all i hear about these days with Oprah basically throwing KFC in
everyone's faces. I don't even like KFC. I think the fact that an old man named the colonel is frying lots of chicken is a little sad. Maybe there are labor laws against things such as this. But him
teaming up with A& that was a good idea. Rootbeer float ice
cream cones, to die for. Not as good as our frozen yogurt
though...yummm...frozen yogurt. And this is proof that I can tie
anything back to frozen yogurt. ANYTHING. Marco?

Roxanne Hutchens:
Hmmmm. Impressive. Very impressive. Not as impressive as the time that Benita and I decided to create the greatest fast food meal ever. True or False: we called in pizza to Papa John's. Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. As we were picking up the pizza, we cruised right on over to Little Caesar's. For the crazy bread, obviously. Pizza! Pizza!By then we assumed our cinnamon sticks were probably ready at 5 Buck Pizza. How can you beat great pizza? Great price? Now if someone other than Ben and I would realize the potential available here, we would really be on to something.

Megan Smith:
I do recall this evening. I came home to find garbage from not one,
not two, but three different pizza establishments. I don't know if you call this impressive or indecisive. Still up for debate. HOWEVER. I completely commend your diligence and drive. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right and that was clearly your motto as you accomplished this feat of the tri-pizza meal. I feel like your game might have been stepped up a little had you ordered from a 4th establishment and had it timed to arrive right as you pulled in from your pickups. At this point I'd feel like you were really pulling from all of the pizza fronts. All this pizza talk is making me wish i had a frozen totino's to throw in the oven. That is good pizza.

Roxanne Hutchens:
Instead I will settle, only once, for pizza flavored wheat thins. Now for sale at an on campus vending machine near you. Also, Diet Cokes and peanut M&M's will probably be the main food group for me for the next 7 weeks. Since this is my 5th hour of class so far today, I have eaten/drank everything in my suitcase purse. Gatorade. Water bottle. Peanut M&M's. Wheat Thins. Fiber One Bar. and Two pieces of Sugar Free Gum (Thanks Jillian and Bob).

Megan Smith: coke and peanut M&M's. That sounds like a meal fit for a
king. I'm going with DDP and carrots dipped in ranch as we speak. The carrots don't quite hit the spot the way those peanut M&M's do. There is such a thing as pizza flavored wheat thins? what will they come up with next? Are crackers supposed to taste like a full fledged meal? That is a trick. It reminds me of the gum violet chews in willy wanka and the chocolate factory...."By gum it's gum...Wrong.It's the most amazing, fabulous, sensational gum in the whole world....What's so fab about it?...This little piece of gum is a three-course dinner. Tomato soup. I can actually feel it running down my throat..." True or False: I have seen that movie way too many times for my own good.

Roxanne Hutchens:
True. But to counter your over-viewing I have never actually seen that movie in its entirety. Something strange about a man in a purple velvet suit that takes children into his alternate world. Not to mention some don't even make it back out and no one even really seems that concerned. This to me is far more perplexing than a wooden puppet just trying to make friends.

Megan Smith:
I think the whole Idea for the movie was a government funded scare
tactic for children. Good little children get entire chocolate
factories for themselves with little people who do all their work for them, all the candy they want, and they actually speak to each other in song. Bad little children disappear...where they go, nobody knows. A wooden puppet trying to make friends scares me. Puppets shouldn't be venturing into the social world if you ask me. It's like animals know how i feel about that.

Roxanne Hutchens:
these government funded movies have really got me confused. Like
Wall-E. Opened up a whole new world for me. At first I just watched
the movie like a four year old. Completely entertained, and no idea
what's going on. Like Benita*. Talking animals, puppets wanting to be real boys, extremely good looking men who age backwards, or spiders instilling values into little pigs. Just to name a few.
These things are purely fictional, no politicking, and a few good
morals. which is more than I can say for Gene Wilder. Who is just
scary. You just have to question the intentions and integrity of
people like him and Johnny Depp. Dr. Frankenstein? Pirates? Willy
(*Benita once told us that she could watch the same movie over and over again and be completely surprised at the ending every time. I don't know if that is talent or if we should have her memory checked.)

Megan Smith:
oooh the backwards aging man. I had that happen to me one time*. I woke up in the morning and ran a marathon and then by the end of the night i couldn't walk, resorted to crawling, needed assistance being fed,and only wanted to curl up in my jammies and watch disney films. If only brad pitt had been there to experience it with me...
(*referring to THIS DAY in my life.)

Roxanne Hutchens: Benjamin Button. But in reverse*.
(*referring to THIS episode of The Office.)

Now, maybe you don't find that funny. It wouldn't surprise me. We often joke that people probably don't find us as funny as we find ourselves. A friend once told Bentis, Rox, and I that he understood about 3% of what we were talking about most the time because we speak in our own language of inside jokes...oops. (He did say that the 3% he understood he found very funny.)


The Smith Clan said...

You have just made my day! Hilarious!!! You should try putting all that in a book and sell it! You guys are so funny!

Benita said...

love this. VERRRY funny. typical. i'm going to go ahead and clear this up right here.. its a TALENT! i have a great memory - even ask megan, shes got my back on this one. I mean who doesn't like a good surprise the 50th time you have watched a show. I sure do.

Lauri said...

My girls and I have disjointed conversations, at least they seem disjointed to others, we know perfectly well what we are talking about! Fun to read and try to follow along! Love Ya

Roxy said...

hahahahaha...I love this. obviously. I also love that three people read it. suckers.

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