Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mary did you know?

There are two Christmas songs that I don't like...
1) Mary did you know. Lindsey and I always laugh when we hear it together because both of us hate it and we hear it ALL the time.
2) The Christmas Shoes. Just give the kid the shoes already you greedy store keeper! Sheesh. The ultimate in depressing.

Anyways. The Christmas celebration continues.
December 6th: We had Christmas FHE at our Bishop's house. We went around the circle and told some of our favorite memories of Christmas, and fun traditions that we do. I told The Dollhouse Story, which is one that I will never forget. Oh you sneaky family you. It still makes me laugh. It was so fun to just go around and hear all of the fun and Christmas-y things that people do. It really helped to bring the spirit of Christmas. The only qualm I had was my seating location. I was sitting next to their revolving tree that had a reindeer that was just at my eye level. Every time the tree revolved around the reindeer stared me down...I made Brady take a picture with it.

I don't think this photo does it justice.
December 7th: A VERY busy day. My goal for the day was to read Luke 2 because I knew that there wasn't going to be much time for festivities. Benita (FINALLY) came home from NY, so her Sara Beth and I ended up laughing our heads off on my bed until like 12:30 AM. I had to be up for work at 5:00 AM, so I ended up going to bed. What is more Christmas-ish than laughing with friends, anyways?
December 8th: Ginger bread houses! SO FUN!!
 Alex's "Falling Water" inspired by the late Frank Lloyd Wright, and my classic house.
 My house and Mark's "pyramid."
 Moss did some great work with his assistant Sara Beth. They built in the rich neighborhood.
Rodney's duplex's and Benita's extremely stable floor plan.
Ryan Moss, Dean Peterson, Benita Bates, and Alex Merchant.                    Rodney Hansen, Lance Moses, Sara Beth Johnson and Mark Keller.
The Pride Family Christmas House Decoration Contest. (We missed you Lola and Ryan!)

December 8th: Christmas Music Day. Nothing but Christmas Tunes...allllll daaaayy longggg.
Favorites as of right now? 
- Christmas With The Rat Pack
- Nsync Christmas,'s hard not to love it when you know every word to every song.
- Glee Christmas. 
- I'm ok with Jessica Simpson's new Christmas album. She still kinda bugs.
December 9th: Ward Christmas Party. Always a good time. 
December 10th: Elevate Christmas Party. I love the people I work with!

I hope your holidays continue to be festive and fun!


Chelsey said...

tAHH I HATE Mary did you know!!! Just ask Benita, it's one of our jokes.

PS What's decorating gingerbread houses? Gees I wish I could decorate gingerbread houses...

Also, I got your text about Jimmy and the chipmunks. good times. i think there my be some VHS footage of that somewhere. Check youtube.

The Smith Clan said...

Stellar "Gingerbread Houses"! This all looks like lots of fun and "Tis the Season Celebrating"!Way to go!

Lauri said...

Sorry you don't like Mary did you know, I love it by Donny Osmond (IS that any surprise?) I just hate the stupid ones like Grandma Got Run Over by a Reigndeer, and my the end of the season I swear if I hear one more version of Jingle Bells I will throw up. I have really just learned to listen to Christmas music without singing and more traditional hymns that keep me in the mood!

Stephanie Sandberg said...

I hate that "Mary" song as well. It's my Mom's favorite and she always has the Clay Aiken and Donny Osmond versions on repeat.

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